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Youth Work Excellence Awards 2018

Louise Coombs - Outstanding Youth Worker!

Congratulations to Louise Coombs for winning the award for Outstanding Youth Worker at the Youth Work Excellence Awards 2018, recognising all the brilliant work she carries out with young people at Grassroots.  Very well deserved!

Getting tested for S.T.I.'s


Grassroots are taking part in a pilot scheme until the end of August 2018 to make it easier for young people to get tested.  Instead of going to the clinic, young people can use a test kit at Grassroots, put it in an envelope and send it to the clinic instead.  They will then be notified to attend the clinic if they have a positive result.  Over the next two months we'll be trying out the kits and getting some feedback but hopefully these kits will save young people hours of waiting time at the clinic and mean more people get treatment when they need to!  Speak to Lou in the Advice / Infomration Room if you'd like to get tested.

Babylon Burner TV


Check out this video intro for Wade's forthcoming podcast..made at Grassroots Digital Arts Dept Intro to Babylon Burner TV ....a forthcoming podcast by Wade Pemberton.....artwork produced at Grassroots Digital Arts Dept ......If you have any ideas you want to make into a song/video/podcast/poster/etc ...Call Grassroots on 029 20 231700 and ask for Chas or Mike.

Lyric writing/spoken word/creative writing workshops


Wle are planning a series of lyric writing/spoken word/creative writing workshops soon. Watch this space for more info.


We are also in the process of producing a book of Grassroots young people's writing/lyrics etc. If you would like to get involved or contribute in any way ask for Chas or Mike at Grassroots.





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