Frank Coles

Amazing place. Saved my sanity when I was a teen (long time ago) and gave me the focus and contacts to move to a more grown up stage of my life rather than the pokey one-room scraping by in the gloom existence that so many of us endure. More strength to you!


Richy Jones

Thank you for the time I spent down there with you, 30 years ago. Always a friendly welcome from Warm Caring People who were always happy to help. All the best for the next 30 years.


Red and Black Films

Back when I was doing A-Level Film they helped and trusted me with their expensive film making kit to make my first film (when my collage wouldn't because I was a night school student) This helped me get into Film School, the foundation of my career - It's a privilege to be able to give help back. Good luck all, John.


Helen Griffith

Grassroots was a favourite place for me back in 1979/80 and I have very fond memories of the place. Occasionally helping out in the coffee shop to singing backing vocals on a record called "babies on a bacon slicer" by the riotous brothers. I also remember having great fun being caught up in a bit of a riot between the punks and mods on a saturday afternoon. Only two weeks ago on a return visit to Cardiff did I notice that Grassroots was still going, so to hear that it is in difficulty deeply saddens me. I would love to donate more but unfortunately times are hard so I give what I can. Lets hope you manage to raise enough to save this important venue x


Wendy Spence

Great support system for young people. Been using this service since i was 14years old lying about age. I dont know where i would be if i didnt have this place when i first moved here i was a very difficult teenager they never judged me and were always there to listen and help in what ever way they could having no family in this country it was lovley that they took me in and become a grate support for me. Coming from a different country with a complicated upbringing this place made me shine made me confendent in myself not having much of an education i thought i wasnt much of a person or able to do alot they made me feel like i was capable of lot more and made me want more from my life. Now ive three beautiful children and this place is still helpping me with getting back into education and helpping me achive my goals in a better life for me and my children. Also having been involved with grassroots for many years i have seen the amazing work they do to help young people no matter how big or small the problem also always encouraging young people to be the best of themselves. People please help the only real support system in cardiff for young people.

Ryan Lewis
I started coming to Grass Roots as a friend who i knew told me about it. Upon entering i met alot of people similar to me. People from broken homes, lost and trying to find somewhere to fit in, some motivation, someone to believe in them and a sense of belonging. Grass Roots gave that to people, it gave that to me.
I honed my music skills in Grass Roots and have now performed gigs in Cardiff, Bristol, London and Dublin and feel very blessed having those opportunities.
I feel those opportunities were due to gaining more confidence in myself from using Grass Roots in a way that i found beneficial. When i was out of work it was a place to come to keep busy, to not be on the street. To learn, to volunteer and to hang out. I used Grass Roots and Grass Roots worked.
I have been in constant employment with promotions in the past 5 years and have been doing well, still utilising my talents. Having people who worked there, be positive, caring and human, really helped.

Pip Erasmus

Grassroots has shaped me into the man I am today, through them I have found positivity and the importance of ones man words and their effect on others. Because of Grassroots I enter the world everyday with the attitude to help people as much as I can. Musically; they helped me see that negativity

In my lyrics will only damage the minds of those that listen to my music, now I take pride in making music with messages and hopefully educate or spark the imagination of whoever listens to it"

And ever since first going there two years ago have and continue to put me in the presence of like minded and inspiring people


Nat Hilary

Brought me out of my shell. helped me develop my musical skills and meet others with the same passion. very considerate staff and made to feel welcome on arrival. there should be a place for young adults to congregate where socially they can develop their own personalities whilst being amongst others. brilliant place need one on each corner in most cities.


Lloyd Best

When I first came to Grassroots I only had a handful of ideas and no musical experience. They helped me find and form my own musical identity and taught me a lot about the way the music industry works. They provided me with a ton of opportunities that helped me gain the confidence and experience to take control of my career in music."


Jamie Feeney

I first went to Grassroots in 2011, i had never been in a studio and was still new to music. Within the 2 hours of my first ever recording session, Mike, helped me to create a professional sounding track and even made the instrumental in front of my eyes! Theres is one thing that mike said to me during that session that has stuck with me ever since and it was "Don't worry, I've got the patients of a saint" This helped to really bring out the emotions i was trying to project in my song as the atmosphere was warm, welcoming and relaxed. Since then i have had continuous support from grassroots and have built a really good relationship with the team. The way the guys at Grassroots work with the young people is truly inspiring, they are down to earth, kind hearted people who make a big difference in a lot of young lives.


Bud Harper

I went to grassroots when I was 16/17 and regularly used the music facilities and generally socialised there into my 20s. It gave me the opportunity to learn loads of skills that I couldnt have picked up anywhere else at such an early age. It led me to becoming a musician and youth worker and hopefully Ive been able to pass on these skills to the hundreds of young people I have worked with over the past 20 years. It also introduced me to so many people from different backgrounds and different parts of Cardiff that gave me a much broader view of the world. So many of the city's young people (particularly our most vulnerable) gravitate towards the city centre, so having a project there that supports their needs and devleopment is really necessary.


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