What We do

Our work is led by the needs of young people and can be extremely varied from helping to find a homeless hostel, write a job application, write a song or poem to learning to cook a meal.


The Information, Support & Guidance Office provides a free drop-in service, where youth specific advice is available around any issue facing a client. We  listen to young people's problems and help solve them together.


The coffee bar is at the heart of the project, where young people can socialise, cook meals, participate in group sessions and attend events. 


In addition to personal support we provide creative workshops, a music and recording studio and a digital arts department offering video and photography.


Working with The Hold Up we are currently carrying out a city-wide consultation to inform our programmes, partnerships and funded activities.



Often dealing with young people who face extreme poverty, adversity and despair, we offer positive relationships, support and creative options to all young people whatever their gender, sexuality, social or mental health status.


Grassroots is not just about keeping young people off the streets, but engaging them in worthwhile activity, building resilience and inspiring them to fulfil their potential.


Grassroots Cardiff

58 Charles Street


CF10 2GG


Tel: 029 20231700


Charity No. 1110186


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